Workshops will take place June 29 and June 30, 2018. The workshop coffee breaks will be from 10:00 to 10:30 and 14:30 to 15:00, with lunch scheduled for 12:00 - 13:30.

The workshop registration and break location may be found on GHC Floor 4. Maps to the workshop rooms may be found at the following links:

Friday, June 29

WS Title Organizers Date Room
FRI-01 Women In Robotics IV Marynel Vázquez
Elizabeth Phillips
Iolanda Leite
Franziska Meier
Victoria Edwards
Fereshteh Sadeghi
Jill F. Lehman
Chad Tossell
Kerstin Haring
June 29 GHC 4401
FRI-02 Learning from Demonstrations for high level robotics tasks Ankur Handa
Feryal Behbahani
Arunkumar Byravan
James Davidson
Dieter Fox
June 29 GHC 4307
FRI-03 Tutorial on Dynamical System-based Learning from Demonstration

Nadia Figueroa
Seyed Sina Mirrazavi Salehian
Aude Billard


The tutorial will not be held due to the inability of key people to obtain visas to the US. In the face of the current US immigration policy, the organizers have chosen to cancel the tutorial. All the tutorial materials will be available online.
FRI-04 Towards a framework for Joint Action: What about Theory of Mind? Aurélie Clodic
Sandra Lasry
Víctor Fernández Castro
Bilge Mutlu
Chien-Ming Huang
Rachid Alami
June 29 GHC 4102
FRI-06 Unusual Appendages: novel, multi-modal, or multi-functional uses for limbs, tails, and other body parts Amir Patel
Aaron Johson
Tom Libby
June 29 GHC 4211
FRI-07 Learning and Inference in Robotics: Integrating Structure, Priors and Models Mustafa Mukadam
Arunkumar Byravan
Byron Boots
June 29 DH 2210
FRI-08 Multi-Modal Perception and Control Filipe Veiga
Roberto Calandra
Aude Billard
Jan Peters
June 29 GHC 4215

Saturday, June 30

WS Title Organizers Date Room
SAT-01 Fundamental Issues in Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction Hiroshi Ishiguro
Tatsuya Kawahara
Yutaka Nakamura
June 30 (Afternoon) NSH 1305
SAT-02 Adversarial Robotics Hao Zhang
Christopher Reardon
Kun Sun
Chuan Yue
June 30 (Afternoon) NSH 3002
SAT-03 Exhibition and Benchmarking of Task-Motion Planners Neil Dantam
Fabien Lagriffoul
Lydia Kavraki
June 30 GHC 4307
SAT-04 Perspectives on Robot Learning: Imitation and Causality Animesh Garg
Michael Laskey
Yuke Zhu
Jiajun Wu
Stefano Ermon
June 30 GHC 4401
SAT-05 Robot Mediated Autism Intervention: Hardware, Software, and Curriculum Momotaz Begum
Michael Radice
June 30 GHC 4102
SAT-06 Challenges and Opportunities for Resilient Collective Intelligence in Subterranean Environments Wennie Tabib
Nathan Michael
June 30 GHC 4215
SAT-08 Design and Control of Small Legged Robots Konstantinos Karydis
Liyu Wang and Ronald Fearing
June 30 GHC 4405
SAT-09 Beyond Reward Engineering: Teaching, Learning, and Optimizing Complex Objectives

Dylan Hadfield-Menell
Anca Dragan
Marco Pavone
Pieter Abbeel


SAT-10 Computational Models of Affordance for Robotics Philipp Zech
Barry Ridge
Emre Ugur
June 30 NSH 3305

Friday & Saturday, June 29 - 30

WS Title Organizers Date Room
F&S-01 New Benchmarks, Metrics, and Competitions for Robotic Learning Niko Suenderhauf
Markus Wulfmeier
Anelia Angelova
Ken Goldberg
Feras Dayoub
June 29 June 30 DH 2315   GHC 4303
F&S-02 Autonomous Space Robotics Christoffer Heckman
Jay McMahon
Daniel Szafir
Torin Clark
Steve McGuire
June 29 June 30 GHC  8102 GHC 4211
F&S-03 Models and Representations for Human-Robot Communication Jacob Arkin
Andrea F. Daniele
Nakul Gopalan
Thomas M. Howard
Jesse Thomason
Matthew R. Walter
Lawson L. S. Wong
June 29 June 30 GHC  6115 GHC 6115