Adversarial Robotics

Organizers: Hao Zhang, Christopher Reardon, Kun Sun and Chuan Yue


The Workshop on Adversarial Robotics will bring together researchers from the interdisciplinary areas of robotics, security, and AI, with the goal of identifying and codifying the challenges in the emerging area of adversarial robotics - developing secure, resilient, and robust robots that operate in adversarial settings. Robots are becoming prominent. However, robots may pose serious threats. Compromised robots could quickly become dangerous physical entities capable of causing substantive safety issues. Adversarial activities can result in incorrect robot perception, adaptation, and decision making, which could cause anything from mission failures to harm to humans and environments. It is clear that security, resilience and robustness of robots is critical, and is increasingly recognized one of the major challenges remaining for robots to operate in domains subject to these risks. We believe that now is the appropriate time to start discussion towards solving this challenge. Topics relevant to the agenda range from development of robot perception, adaptation, reasoning, and planning that are resilient to adversaries, application of robots operating in adversarial environments, cybersecurity design to secure robots, and theoretical and experimental analysis of attack vectors to robots. We will include speakers from beyond the typical robotics community, to identify connections with work in security and AI, and open up exciting avenues of research in adversarial robotics. This is the first workshop of its kind at an academic conference, and is intended to serve as a timely call to arm the academic community in response to the growing promise of this emerging field.