Honorable Mention for IEEE T-RO King-Sun Fu Memorial Best Paper Award

June 01, 2023

RISLab received an honorable mention for the IEEE T-RO King-Sun Fu Memorial Best Paper Award. This award is for our work “Autonomous Cave Surveying with an Aerial Robot”, which presents an exploration method in darkness using an aerial robot equipped with a depth camera for mapping, downward-facing camera for state estimation, and forward and downward lights.

Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2003.13883.pdf
Paper summary video: https://youtu.be/iwi3p7IENjE

We thank C. Bassett for faciliating experiments at the West Virginia cave; H. Brooks and R. Maurer for facilitating experiments at Laurel Caverns; D. Cale for granting permission to test at Laurel Caverns. We also thank D. Melko, B. Ashbrook, H. Wodzenski, J. Jahn, X. Yang, A. Dhawale, A. Desai, E. Cappo, T. Lee, M. Collins, and M. Corah for supporting this research.